Pata Prieta


Alternate name:
Secret Beach
Good for:
Swimming, snorkeling, watersports, beachcombing

Sand Type/Color:
White Caribbean Sand
Water Quality: 
Crystal clear Caribbean water

Pata Prieta is a southside beach off Route 997. Enter the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge at Garcia Gate and drive past the right turn toward Caracas, keep going onto the gravel road. The next road to the right will be the turn to Pata Prieta – it is well marked. This is a rocky, rutted road but golf carts and small cars can usually make it almost all the way. If you are in one of these small vehicles, note where the road takes a sharp right and then goes down a steep hill. Don’t go down this hill, just park your smaller vehicle in the pull-off area. If you have a Jeep or other high-clearance vehicle, drive on down into the normal parking lot. All parking is completely out of view of the beach, so it is advised to not leave valuables in the car, and simply leave the vehicle unlocked. The path down to the beach is also a bit steep and rocky, so people with mobility issues may not like this walk.


Pata Prieta, Secret Beach, isn’t exactly a secret, but it isn’t well travelled either. The largest crowds we’ve seen there were about 6 cars of people, maybe 12-15 other people, total. We have also been there when we were the only ones. It is another half-moon shaped beach, not much more than 1/8 mile long, with rocks on either end and beautiful white sand in the middle. On the left (east) side of this beach there are large areas of broken coral but the rest of the beach is nice sand for walking. The water is beautiful and inviting with only small waves.