Playa La Chiva #2


Alternate name:
Blue Beach (Navy name)
Good for:
Fishing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking

Bathroom at #4 and another one on the main road before it turns to gravel
Sand Type/Color:
White sand in the middle, with rounded stones and broken coral on the ends.
Water Quality: 
The water is usually crystal clear and beautiful.

La Chiva is a very long southside beach accessed off Route 997. Enter the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge at Garcia Gate and drive straight until the road changes to gravel, then drive some more. Eventually, the road will fork to the right and you will see the numbered signs on the right, starting with #1. These are entrance points for parking and access to the beaches. Find one that suits you and enjoy.

La Chiva #2 is a small protected cove with clear water and just enough soft white sand for a nice size gathering of friends. There are rocky sections as well and a small surf break which can be fun for more advanced paddleboarders. The snorkeling is great here as well.

There is some shade under the trees along the sand.