Playa La Chiva #4-8


Alternate name:
Blue Beach (Navy name)
Good for:
Swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, sunbathing

Bathroom at #4 and another one on the main road before it turns to gravel
Sand Type/Color:
White sand, very natural with fan corals and other natural debris from time to time.
Water Quality: 
The water is usually crystal clear and beautiful.

La Chiva is a very long southside beach accessed off Route 997. Enter the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge at Garcia Gate and drive straight until the road changes to gravel, then drive some more. Eventually, the road will fork to the right and come up over a rise where you will see the water and then numbered signs on the right, starting with #1. These are entrance points for parking and access to the beaches. Find one that suits you and enjoy. Note that the sign at #4 is down in the bushes somewhere, but it’s in between #3 and #5. :)

La Chiva #’s 4-8 are a long white strand with different places to park.

As you drive in, the early numbers like #4 & #5 will often have bigger waves and more seaweed. As you continue toward #8, you approach the point across from the Cayo and it’s a bit calmer. Everything in between is a blend of these two. All of La Chiva is in a very natural state with some fan coral washed up on shore, and vines growing up on the sand. It’s a great beach for a long walk and a variety of activities.

Access points #4 & #5 have covered pavilions which offer shade, but the others don’t have any, so plan accordingly.