Punta Arenas


Alternate name:
Green Beach (Navy Name)
Good for:
Swimming, snorkeling

Sand Type/Color:
Water Quality: 
The water is usually crystal clear and beautiful

From town (Isabel II), take Rte 200 to the west, past the airport, past the Mosquito Pier, and keep going, a total of about 8 miles out of town. There is a gate, and if it is open, continue on about 2 miles more to the beach.

(CURRENTLY CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC) Administered by U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Punta Arenas (Sand Point) is a very remote beach on the far western tip of Vieques. It is known for its amazing snorkeling and fierce no-see-ums. No surprise based on the Spanish name, Punta Arenas is a sandy point, with beautiful gold/white sand and clear water.

Amenities: None

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