Favorite Links

Some links to sites that educated, inspired, & entertained us. Enjoy!

SS Under Sail

Some friends we met here in Vieques - they spend their time cruising the Caribbean on the S/V Surely Sea.


This one was a great resource for us as new rock dwellers.  Not just for women!


This young couple has a similar motto to ours.  They want to retire early by keeping their spending low, travel inexpensively while they are young and able, and more expensively when they are old and feeble.


Howard Livingston sang the song that pretty much became our guidebook.  Thanks Howard!


These people got out of their own rat race, moved to Costa Rica, and made a new life.  They're informative, funny, and very likable.

Beach, water, island in the distance

One of our key destinations. Really, this has been our target destination for a long time.

(Update: We made it!)


This Australian couple entertains and inspires a lot of people as they sail around the world.  Very impressive considering their young age!


This guy is a great writer and a great thinker.  Happiness is the goal, not minimalism.

Chart showing different success probabilities

Jim Otar's web page with calculator for purchase (which we did). His ebook is big and detailed, but very valuable!


This is Laurence Kotlikoff's retirement planning site - well done, lots of good information (esp. on Social Security), reasonably priced.


Mr. FIRE Station

This guy is not a fireman, he's a FIRE man (Financially Independent, Retired Early). And he's very smart.

Graphic of a man in tophat with moustache - Mr. Money Moustache

This guy is a FIRE legend! The king of frugality and retiring young.

TSR Logo

This couple retired in their 30's to travel the country in an Airstream. And to blog, vlog, and generally advise people on how it's done. Smart people!

Graphic of a green turtle

This link goes to our youtube channel playlist of all the songs we used in the blog in our 1st Year of Retirement. It's 3 hours of fun!