Knee Deep In It

It's good though

Hi, thanks for stopping by our little island in the sun. We're Norm & Deb, and we retired in May 2017 (a bit earlier than "normal" at 56/52), not to write a blog, but we did want to tell our story and stay in touch with friends old and new.

A big part of our motivation was to quit living life on other peoples' terms. This mostly meant working for the big corporation and doing whatever needed to be done, because that was how you succeed. Getting on airplanes, pushing people to deliver what they could barely manage to do, and laying them off when things didn't go well, it was all part of the job. As well, a big part of that life in the States is the rampant consumerism that is so all-encompassing. Every where we turned, someone was after our hard-earned money. In return, we would get some cool gadget or something to make our lives "easier". But we wanted to live our lives, not the lives that someone else wanted us to live. We wanted to make sure we were living our lives on purpose, not on autopilot. We also wanted to go someplace warm. 🙂

This blog is named for how we feel about this new life together. We're knee deep in it, but of course we always have been! Whether it's going great (the only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair), or when it's less than perfect (that's just life), we're knee deep in it. We know it will all work out - it always does.

the pyles

If you are new here, you can take a look at where it all began, and then work through the stories and places we've been.  We hope you enjoy the ride as we are doing, and please send us your questions and comments as you go!

Above all, stick with us and we'll find out together where this all goes.

(Apologies for some funky formatting on certain blog posts. Since we moved the site to another service provider, we're still cleaning up the formatting.)

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